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Love yourself—accept yourself—forgive yourself—and be good to yourself, because without you the rest of us are without a source of many wonderful things.

       -Leo F. Buscaglia

The Immediate Benefits of Therapeutic Work Via Teletherapy
Turning today into one of your moments of bliss. 

Self-­awareness and self­‐discovery is the most miraculous gift you can give to yourself. You’ll be amazed at the incredible strides you can make when you deal with the invisible barriers to happiness. The past is just various moments in time, and who you are today can be awakened. The beauty of today is that you can change anything that no longer serves you well.

Exploring what is blocking your happiness.

Sometimes it’s as easy at looking at the parts of you that may be suffering or needing attention. Investing your time and energy into self discovery will guide you to reach your highest potential by activating your inner presence. You will gain awareness in how to turn your personal power inward and increase and restore the quality of balance in your life. We all have blocks that serve as protection. Once we are aware of how we’ve personally manifested as our ‘blocks’ (which serve as protection) we can begin to unlock them and free them, of course, when we’re ready. Not everyone is ready at the same time. Identifying them is the first step. Once you identify your personal ‘happiness’ block, you can begin to re-parent, or re-orient your life. When we let go of our fear/blocks – the love comes flowing in. Love for ourselves. 

Treatment is right for you if:

  • You want deeper joy and meaning in your life or you feel depressed for short bouts at a time but have no idea why

  • You have ideas that keep manifesting but you don’t know how to make them a reality

  • You yearn to better the quality of your life experience

  • You want to have more down time to do the things you enjoy in life

  • You need an extra boost of motivation to reach your highest potential

  • You’ve had a painful or difficult experience you want to move on from and overcome

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